Certified Product Reviews

This is the best pain medication. I have bad knees and the doctors wanted to do a knee replacement, but using this cream every day and night I am pain free!


I have tried 3-4 different topical creams and ointments for my lower back. This one is the most powerful that I have used, and with light duty work, I don't feel back back get tight for 6-8 hours after applying the salve. It is very effective, it has a nice smell, and a little bit goes a long way. I have used this for almost 6 months, every morning, and I think its like magic.


Have ordered 3 times same product in different strengths & all have been as described & have helped me immensely with rheumatoid arthritis I by reducing inflammation & relieving pain.


This stuff works miracles! Takes away soreness and swelling for me. I love it.


We love this stuff. It really helps with the pain. Would recommend it to everyone


Bought this for my wife. Really helped her shoulder pain. Gives about 4 hours of relief.


My husband has Diabetic Nephropathy in his legs and feet and this cream helps a lot!!


As usual, don't know what I'd do without this product treating my arthritis. Thanks again!!!


Repeat order. This stuff works where so many other products don't. Our first order was for my husbands chronic back pain and one of the few things that gave him release. second order was for me, having fallen and cracked a rib. This gave me pain relief where nothing else did. Took what was sharp pain to minor discomfort. absolutely the best.


Excellent product! Works very well for my aches and pains. Phenomenal for arthritis in the hand as well as back pain at night!


Highly recommend. It offered me quick relief for my gout flare up.


This is truly the most amazing product I've found to relieve my joint pain so quickly! FIVE STARS AND TWO PAIN-FREE THUMBS UP!


Cream is great for arthritis in my hands. Takes care of the pain!


Seems to give some relief to the osteoporosis arthritis in my right hand. Hand does not hurt as much as it did. Will need to work on figuring out how much to use and how often to keep pain to a minimum.


LOVE the salve - works for my spine so much. Recommend it for anyone with so much pain. I usually use at night so can get some good sleep. During the day when my tens unit doesn't help ( a lot of times it it doesn't) so YEAH for the salve ! ! !




This product is the best! It seems to fix all kinds of small ailments and takes away the pain. This is the second time I have purchased it because it's awesome.


This product is absolutely amazing! I have arthritic pain in both feet and after applying repeatedly for one full day and continued morning applications, I have ZERO pain. AMAZING!!


The product is outstanding! Within a few days of starting to use it on my arthritic knees the swelling had gone away and the pain level when from an 8 to 10 everyday to a 3. Amazing!


My husband swears by this to relieve his back & leg pain! We have purchased 3 times!!


My husband has used this for only 24 hours and the back & leg pain are significantly less!!


Absolutely amazing


This is so wonderful on my spine and pinched nerve - PLEASE. Don't stop having the in stock ! LOVE , LOVE it ! Nothing else help my rheumatoid arthritis ! WhooHoo ! ! !


Ordered both strengths to compare. I had been using the 200 mg and was very pleased with help for chronic pain due to neuropathy and damaged back. The 1000 mg works amazing for severe pain and is helping heal a new pulled tendon. Definitely worth the money and pleasant to use. Lavender adds great fragrance.


This product is fabulous. I have sever joint pain and within minutes I felt relief. I would recommend this to anyone and will purchase it again.


This product is great. I use it where I have pain. I even used it in my dog by rubbing on her joints and massaging the area. I noticed her running around and being more active since using this product. I purchased one for a friend as well.


I was very skeptical about the effectiveness and basically didn't believe the hype and further thought the price was rather exorbitant. After listening to a friend's constant raving ,I gave in and ordered it for my wife who gets horrific legs pains at night. Well,I'm a believer this stuff is an absolute miracle


I truly appreciate how amazing this product is. It absolutely works. I have used it on parts of my body that needed special attention, and quite quickly I could feel the results! This is particularly useful for anyone needing inflammation and/or pain relief. I am truly impressed, and grateful for the quick and easy shipping/delivery. Thank you.


I have only had it for one day, but so far it is amazing relieving all leg pain.


Bought for a friend and they absolutely love this Salve!!


It cut my pain in my knee in go quick, I could not believe it. If someone told me I would not believe they. But i tried it and not really works even I was surprised. What they say is true. Going to order again this time higher strength.


This product works as described and is a great deal better than the pills I have been taking. I will recommend it to everyone who has had pain in their joints.